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About Us

"...just as Shakespeare wrote poetry and Michelangelo painted..."


Marthin Luther King Jr.

About Us

MasterCamp is an educational platform that transforms modern concepts such as knowledge entrepreneurship, idea leadership, leadership like a coach and lifelong individual development into service.

While creating solutions for individual training needs such as speaking, information entrepreneurship, creative writing, which can create a second career for oneself,
we also create modern, tangible, case-based and new generation solutions for corporate needs such as "İş’te Puzzle” (Puzzle at Work).

The MasterCamp Education Platform provides benefits to the needs of the rapidly changing world with its staff consisting of human resources professionals, academics and artists, with solutions specially designed for individuals and institutions.

MasterCamp Training Approach

Easily learned, mastered over time, people-oriented…

According to Japanese craftsmen, in order for a person to be called a "master", that person must train an apprentice who will surpass him in every field and need to have worked on that subject for about ten years.

This philosophy shows us that, in essence, the greatest competencies are steadily consolidated, spread over time and should be "duplicable and teachable".

MasterCamp trainings consist of easy-to-understand modules that connect with everyday solutions and tie up-to-date methods and concepts together, and equip participants with methods to reinforce their own competencies.

Each of the programs has been designed with scientific approaches, carefully prepared simulation and application studies that will minimize the time required for mastery.

Mastercamp is a Training and Counseling Platform where Zuhal Gürçimen talks about her experiences from different disciplines in her business life for more than 30 years, together with other master trainers / speakers.

Zuhal Gürçimen worked at Koç Holding/Tofa and Reebok group companies at the beginning of her career, and then left her corporate life at Eczacıbaşı Beiersdorf as a Human Resources professional in 2011 after 18 years.

Mastercamp cooperates with International Coaching Federation ICF. It has the authority to issue certificates with the ICF CCE approval in the Counseling and Trainer Program, and with the ACSTH approval in the MasterCoach Coaching Training program.

Additionally, as one of the solution partners of the edX online education platform in Turkey, MasterCamp also provides training coaching related to these trainings.