Hatice Ertan - MasterCamp

Hatice Ertan

She started her career as an industrial engineer. During this 20-year period of professional life, the importance she gave to people and human relations carried her to different channels, introduced her to personal development trainings, and made her realize what a great wealth and freedom it is to live as one’s own self.

It was no coincidence that her path crossed with Mastercamp. The trainings she received on this path, which she started to be in an environment with people like her, gave her the identity of a trainer.

She gives training for one to know one’s self and live as one’s own self.

Additionally, the importance she attaches to Folk Dances and our culture paved the way for her to continue as a manager and trainer at the IKS Academy, where she first started as a dancer.

She continues on her path with the motto “Do your best, let your work reflect you”.

She believes that she has a connection with everyone on the path of love.