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What do we do?

Creative Solutions for Your Individual and Corporate Training Needs

We design world-class trainings that are also effective in hybrid working systems, have high participatory interaction, and make use of creative drama and gamification methods. With our global solution partners such as ATD and edX, we bring global solutions based on scientific methods and evidence to you.

Internationally Accredited Certificate Programs

We offer training programs that will open new paths in your life by offering you a 2nd career opportunity, such as and the Authorship Academy, which we conduct together with the International Coaching Federation ICF approved Trainer, Counseling and Speaking program and Support Publications and offer together with the Harvard edX Module.

Positive Psychology Focused ICF ACSTH Coaching Training

Our approach bringing a new perspective to coaching and coaching education, which we blend with Japanese philosophy, is ICF approved and is given in both English and Turkish. You can click on the detail link for program details and the accreditation link to view our accreditation.

About Us

MasterCamp is an educational platform that transforms modern concepts such as knowledge entrepreneurship, idea leadership, leadership like a coach and lifelong individual development into service.

While creating solutions for individual training needs such as speaking, information entrepreneurship, creative writing, which can create a second career for oneself,
we also create modern, tangible, case-based and new generation solutions for corporate needs such as “İş’te Puzzle” (Puzzle at Work).

The MasterCamp Education Platform provides benefits to the needs of the rapidly changing world with its staff consisting of human resources professionals, academics and artists, with solutions specially designed for individuals and institutions.

What did they say?

Canan Mater / Supply Chain Manager

Speaker, Trainer and Counseling Certificate Program

“When you reach a certain point in life, you discover that sharing is even more important.”
I wanted to share my experiences based on this. In order to do this best and because there is no end to learning, I decided to take Training and Counseling training and I applied it.

Ezgi Güneş / Overseas Education Consultant

Speaker, Trainer and Counseling Certificate Program

I could be with people now. That’s what I wanted to do. And thanks to the training and consultancy program, I made my dreams come true. Thanks to the program like a butterfly, I came out of my cocoon and what I learned gave strength to my wings.

İdil Göksel / Izmir University of Economics Inst. attendant

Speaker, Trainer and Counseling Certificate Program

With Mastercamp, I learned how to teach adults. I kind of got my formation. Of course, this was not the only topic in the program. It was a comprehensive program with all the elements a trainer and consultant should have, from brand management, marketing, style consulting, coaching skills.